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Being that The Truth web site contains Scientific theories and principles, it would only be proper to give references for the scientific material.
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A special thanks to all the references and thier studies. This web site would
not be possible without them, and the help of God.

The Truth Web Site expresses only opinions and beliefs. The Truth uses Science and faith equally to back up the information that is related on the site. It is you the reader that has to take the step of faith in either direction. You don't have to make your step in only one direction in regards to how you interpret The Truth Web Site; there is a fine line between Science and the modern beliefs of Christianity. The editors of The Truth Web Site in no way take credit for the scientific evidence that is given on this web site. Nor for any of the theories. We give all credit and observe the copyrights of the scientists and the other references for thier work. Once again we thank them for their text. Being able to place someone's text somewhere else is another way to spread the word of God. And we thank all the references for that. God Bless You! And God Bless the reader!